Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deep Fried Chicken Thighs!!

'Nuff of the white-meat tenderloins, it's time to fry up some chicken thighs! See for yourself just how awesome dark meat nuggets can be!

Save yourself a ton of time, energy, and effort & get yourself some boneless, skinless thighs for a few cents per pound more than you would otherwise have spent for the ones w bones in them!

Bone-in thighs are great for other purposes (soup, yo!) but, when you're gonna deep fry some dark meat, boneless is the way to go!

This is how they look straight out of the package.

As you can see, quite a bit of fat remains to be trimmed from each piece!

This is the first one all done!

On to number 2!

Get what ya can w/o spending forever getting the nitty gritty! 
A little fat left on them won't hurt!

Now, flip it and do the under side!
Trim any remaining chunks of fat and try to cut out the vein inside each one!

Hack 'em into manageable pieces once you've gotten them all trimmed up nicely!

Into a bag they go!

Quit screwin' around! This chicken isn't gonna trim itself!

If I were making soup or stock w other bones and bits, I would throw in the trimmings from these thighs, but in this particular case, I'm just gonna ditch the crap!

You'll quickly figure out just how much effort to put into getting every last bit of fat off of these things after doing just a few!  Hint: the answer is "not much"!

Mmm, chicken fat.  Great for makin' soup, but it's not soup season yet!

Halfway there!
At this point, I put down the damn camera and got busy getting this finished up bec A) it was taking forever and the chicken was getting warm, and B) it was 11:30pm and I had to work at 8am the next day!

Ok!  This was just one of three 2lb bags of trimmed thighs that I ended up with!
Time to stoach it in the fridge for the night and get back on this horse tomorrow evenin'!

24hrs later, I'm doin' it to it!
Here, I was boogieing down while preparing to bread up the chicken!

Squoosh them eggs up, yo!

Dust the breader w a bit of Zatarain's breading!

Chuck the chicken in the egg bath!

Mix that shit up, yo!

Now, carefully lay them out so that they have a little elbow room!
You do not want to overload the breader w too many pieces of chicken at once, so it is better to do several smaller batches than to try to get it all done in one or two big batches!

Once you've got a load in there, give them a dusting of breading on top!

Now, shake that shit up!
Aw yeahhh!! Lookin' good!

First batch done, a buttload more to go!
Time to get on it!

Next batch in the breader ready to go!

Dust it...

...but don't over-do it bec we have a lot of chicken left to do, but not a ton of extra breading to use!

Woot!  Coming along nicely!

This is me takin' care of business!

Shake that shit up!

Huh-wha?!  I am hustlin'!  I'm hungry too, damnit! :)

Damn, these are lookin' good!

See?!  This isn't so tough!
Why pay out the nose for pre-breaded, pre-fried chicken when you could just as easily make it yourself!

This is the breading that I prefer!  Zatarain's does a damn good job and comes in a bigass container from Sam's Club for a reasonable price!

Just about finished!

 Mmm, dark meat nuggage!

Into the oil bath they go!

How bout some tots w those nugs?!

Just one more quick pic!

"OMG, we're starving!! Can we eat yet?!" says the Neighbs, hungrily.
"Yeah, I'd say that it's time to chow down! Pass the Shit Yeah Sauce!" I reply. 

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