Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Unexpected House Guest!

Look who dropped by last night with my buddy Jamie and his gf Lauren!  This little guy, Hades, needed a place to stay for the weekend while they went camping, so he's crashin' at the Brewster Roadhouse!

Someone had an itch just as I was taking this shot!

Hey! Sit still for a second! I'm tryin' to take pics!

About 10 seconds after this shot, he left me a little puddle of Mountain Dew right where he was sitting!
Fortunately, I was prepared w a handful of paper towels and got it before it soaked in!
At only 4 months old, he hasn't quite mastered indicating when he needs to go outside to get busy!

After half a little can of food, he zonked out in my lap.

This little guy sure doesn't look like a "Hades"!

I might give him a new nickname or 3!
I kinda like callin' him Philly Cheesesteak!

He seems to be able to sleep through quite a bit!
Hopefully he'll continue to behave today while I have him at work!.

Who's a good boy?!  Philly Cheesesteak is!!   

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