Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Free Firewood!! 7-26-2013

I just recently scored another load of free pine logs for use in the bonfire pit!! Check out a few quick pics!

Check out all this free firewood!
I scored it from one of my people who just wanted it gone!
I love splitting firewood bec I can get shit done while getting in one helluva core body workout!

Time to get out the trusty old splitter!

Burning real wood lasts a lot longer...

...than cut-up pallets!
Next project is to get this mess cleaned up!

Most of the wood was fairly well-aged and split rather nicely!

This is your typical setup for gettin' 'er done!
Be sure to have plenty of hydraulic fluid and mental lubricant (beer!) on-hand!

This split up nicely into approx 24 pieces!

The logs w/o branches growing out of them always split up the best!

So far, so good!

The tow strap helps keep shit on the cart when I haul it up to dump it under the pine tree for storage!

Load after load!  Woot!

After this load, I stopped piling it so high bec it was a pain in the ass to drag up the hill!

The crap that doesn't split up well gets put in the "burn first" pile!

The hibiscus is finally blooming!
Can't wait to score some more wood!  I'm gonna need a lot to get me through the winter!

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