Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Wars Update!!! -- Pics from the Brewster Roadhouse Garden!

Despite all of the stinkin' rain that we've had lately, the garden at the Brewster Roadhouse is lookin' good! Check out the latest pics!

For those of you who aren't from the Detroit area, we've had far more than our fair share of rain lately!

Unfortunately, my tomato plants have been plagued by a fungus that is rather prevalent during rainy conditions like we've had lately!

Fortunately though, I've been applying an organic fungicide that seems to be working well!
I hope that I still have high yields on each of my tomato plants, but only time will tell!
The tallest of them are already well over 5 feet tall!

The butterfly bushes have finally come back to life!
For the first 6 months of the year, they are completely barren and look like they are dead!
All of a sudden, the burst forth with green leaves and little purple flowers!
There will be a zillion butterflies all over this bush and its twin within another week or so!

My cuke plant is trying to edge-out the tomato plant that took up residence on its own in the same pot!

See?!  Mini-gherkins!

Though the tomato plants don't look as full as they had been prior to the fungus attack, they are certainly continuing to grow taller by the day!  Here's hopin' the blight is over!

The daisies are lookin' good now too, huh?!

This is a blood-red hibiscus plant very much unlike the one your mudda used to have!

This is the other hibiscus plant!  Before long, there will be a buttload of giant blood-red blooms on it!

The hostas are finally blooming!

On the left is the rhubarb plant that refused to die over the winter with rainbow pepper plants as companions!

More rainbow pepper plants on the left, big boxy green bell peppers on the right!

Check out these green beans!

This green bean plant and its counterpart have produced a ton of beans already this year!

The bell peppers are coming along nicely too, huh?!

These got so big that the plant no longer stands upright!

The cayenne peppers have been producing prodigiously again this year!

These suckers sure do grow quick!

There are a whole bunch of 'em just waiting to be harvested on these 4 plants!

The sugar baby watermelon plant has turned out to be kind of a runt!

These are the beans, cayenne peppers, and a few cherry tomatoes I harvested!

Gave 'em a rinse and sorted them out!
Into the food dehydrator go the peppers, and into my face goes the rest!
Stay tuned for more pics from the garden at the Brewster Roadhouse!

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