Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dog Week 2013!!

Three 4-legged house guests have been staying with me for the last week bec my bro & his gf had a wedding to attend! Check out these crazy mutts!

Bob & Jamie had a wedding to attend in Canada, so they left the pooches w me for a week!
Warning:  An over-abundance of cuteness below!

For some reason, all three of them seemed to love rolling in this particular spot on the lawn!

Lincoln, the hairy ewok-dog in front, loves to get tangled up w LuLu, the long-haired chihuahua in the background.

Seems like I have to untangle these two every 10 minutes or so!

LuLu (Lucy) loves attention!!

Sometimes she barks just for the sake of hearing herself bark.

This tough little mutt is always full of energy!

In these pics, he was barking his head off bec I wasn't petting him!

He's a funny little mutt who also loves hogging all of the attention!
He just barges right in an shoulders the other dogs out of his way!

This is my brother's dog Zoey, who is a spoiled little princess!

At only 4 lbs, she has an aversion to walking on wet grass!

However, she loves sniffing around...

...looking for something...

...there it is!

Ohhhh yeahhhh!!! Time to rolllll in this stink!!!! 

Mmmhmmm, that's the ticket!

Yeah, I'mma get this allllll overrrrr meeee!!!

Yeah, I was just given a bath...

Take your bath and shove it!

These mutts love hangin around outside while I'm doing yard work!

One of them always seems to be barking at some damn thing!

I had them all chillin' out while I was nearby splitting logs!

I managed to score yet another load of free pine for the firepit!

The dog party gets even crazier when the Neighbs comes over w Cooper!

What the hell are all you dogs still barkin' at?! :)

Who's a good boy?!

Linky's a good boy!

Yes, you are!

Now, look at the ground!

You still want more lovin'?!?  But so do all the other dogs!

Who loves pretzels?!


...nom nom!

So far, Dog Week 2013 has been a lot of fun!
Next time I need to have more treats on-hand! 

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