Friday, July 26, 2013

BFC Night Fried Food Fest!!

BFC Night last night was a lot of fun! Good people, good food, and good beer! What more could ya ask for?!  Get a load of all this deep fried goodness!  

Get your shit together! It's time to do some frying!

Guba Dukes brought over some snausaages!

I'm trying something I saw on!

This was the easy part!

Somehow, this looks easier than it really is!
Check out how these suckers are supposed to look! Click here!

Meh, good enough!

Screw it, I'm just gonna hack these up!

Yahoo & Woodward were yukkin' it up w Firepower and the Neighbs!

Jamie's dogs were hangin out too!

And don't forget about Bob's little princess Zoey!

These are called Pasta para Duros or Duritos!
They start out about the size of a quarter, then POW -- they blow up by 3.5x!!

They are very similar in texture to pork rinds, but they are made out of flour.
These are great w some hot sauce on them!

Fresh nacho chips!!

Chicken fries!

Dinosaur nugs, yo!

Moar chips!!!

I made TONS of these for only $1.50 worth of corn tortillas from Sam's Club!

Look who wants in on the action!!!

One bag of corn tortillas turned into the 4 bags of chips you see below, plus the other bags-worth that we ate at BFC!  Why spend a fortune on chips when you can make 'em waaaay better for faaaar cheaper?! 
These are sturdy, crunchy nacho chips w a bit of garlic salt on them!
They are tough enough to build one helluva batch of nachos!
Stay tuned for a forthcoming post to see how I make 'em!

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