Monday, July 22, 2013

Bathroom Renovation Update!! 07-20-2013

The tremendous progress made this weekend on the bathroom renovation project!! Many thanks go out to +Eddie Byrnes & his lovely assistant Lauren! Check out the pics!

On a previous episode of GSD: Bathroom Renovations...

The old lightbox...

...was taken out!

The old floor...

was ripped out and leveled, then...


I also managed to clean up the edges of where the old lightbox was w an angle grinder!

This weekend, with Eddie's expertise & Lauren's help, the ceiling went up w a quickness!

Eddie used OSB to shim out the sheetrock to make it flush w the existing ceiling.

Lauren faciliated the project by fetching tools and jockeying the shop vac!

I stayed out of Byrnes's way & focused on doing what I am good at -- electrical wiring!

The expediency with which Byrnes works makes him the equivalent of a crew of 20 men!

In goes another hole for the next recessed lighting fixture!

Now that's f@&ing teamwork!   -- Jack Black

"I might as well start on the floor," says Eddie Byrnes, waaaay ahead of schedule!

The speed with which he cut these cement underlayment panels was impressive!

The cement boards fit together perfectly!

I had only a small window of opportunity to snap a few pics bec of the rate at which he was cutting the panels!

Eddie had the whole floor puzzle-pieced together in a hurry!

He was outside cutting the last strip while I took a few more pics before we took a break for lunch!

After lunch, Eddie whipped up the batch of plasticized mud that gets schmushed between the OSB subfloor and the Hardiebacker cement board!

You'd almost think that he had done this before! 
FTOYWDK, he's actually done quite a bit of this work during his own recent kitchen renovations!

Panel by panel, he used a 1/4 inch notched trowel to lay the mud, then plunked the board into place!

Each board was then securely affixed to the floor below it using screws spaced only 4 inches apart!

Overall, this tile underlayment came out looking great!

Had I been the one to install this, it would have taken 4x as long and looked 100x crappier!
This came out lookin' professional grade!

The ceiling also came out looking pro-grade!!

Notice how evenly spaced and well-aligned the holes are?!  This couldn't have been done any better by anyone!

While Eddie & LoLo were tag-teaming the floor and ceiling, I was attacking the 'lectrical!

Something tells me that having a light switch and wall socket in the shower is a no-no and will fail to pass inspection...

So, I've decided to move the switch to just outside of the door!

I had to cut an access panel so that I could figure out just how I was going to go about fixing this mess!

I needed to cut out just a bit more so that I would have studs to which to mount the replacement sheetrock.

Time to remove that old junction box from the shower!
This ended up being a royal pain in the ass bec of how thoroughly the box was affixed to the wall!

However, with a bit of a struggle, I managed to get that damn thing ripped out of there!

I then reconnected the wires necessary to allow me to turn this circuit back on because it just so happens to be the same circuit to which the basement fridge is connected!
A great, big mega-thanks goes out to Eddie and Lauren for dedicating their Saturday to helping me make some major progress on the bathroom renovations!
Be sure to check back soon for more updates!!

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