Friday, June 7, 2013

ShrimpFest 2013!!

Mmm... Cajun Angels!  AKA Skewered shrimp interlaced with bacon!  Byrnes & I had a hankerin' for something fancy, so we recently decided to throw a party we dubbed ShrimpFest 2013!!  Get a look at how to whip up a massive load of shrimp!

This is 5 of the 10 lbs of shrimp that I bought for ShrimpFest 2013!!


Get your shit together, it's time to de-tail the shrimp!

Leave the water on a trickle to help them defrost as you work!

Shrimp in one pile, shit in another!

Lookin' good!

I love shrimp!
(Just in case you couldn't tell!)

21-25's for only $5.99/lb @ the Restaurant Depot!
Best damn price on shrimp in town!


This is 5lbs split into two bags, allowing me to marinade them in two ways!

I've decided to make one batch of Asian Angels...

...and another batch of Cajun Angels!

Time to put Eddie Byrnes & the crew to work!

Everybody say "Shriiiiiimp!!!"

I obtained 6lbs of bacon to be sure we had enough to wrap 10lbs of shrimp!

The best way to make Cajun Angels is to interlace the shrimp and bacon as shown... hey! I think Guba Dukes is giving me the finger!

"Um, yeah we're gonna need moar skrimps!!"

Defrosting the second batch of 5 lbs!

Mmm... moar shrimp!

Me: "What's that?! You guys need straws?! Sure! No prob!
Here, have a penis straw!!  Um,.... yeah, really!
Now let me get a pic of you two using them!"

Oh man!  These came out looking awesome!

That oughta feed all of us!

One more pic, why not!?

Someone didn't want his pic taken at this point!
You can't hide, Guba!

Time to stoach these in the coldbox until it's time to cook!

Now it's time to prep the remaining shrimp for a dunk in the fryer!

Shake & Bake, Byrnestyle!


Beauties, eh?!  They were sooo good (and popular) that I didn't get time to take a picture of them cooked before they were all gobbled up!

We had plenty of mini pierogies, tater tots, curly fries, and fried mushrooms too!

Oh yeah, chicken fries too!

We kept the crowd happily munching on a mountain of fried goodness while we prepped for the main course!

Bird's-eye view!

We were able to play Horseballs until late by setting up the light rig!

People played 'schballs until well after dark!

Miss Whitney brought her hoops and her mad skillz!

Evidently, hooping talent runs in the Voll family!  Danny also seemed to hoop it up w/o putting a lot of thought into it!

Apparently, Shawn doesn't even need to touch the damn hula hoop when she rocks it!

Yours truly at the helm of the fryin' ship I'm steerin'!

The Neighbs: "So?! Where are the Cajun Angels?!"

The ladies also couldn't wait for the shrimp!

Time to start the show!
On to the fire goes the stainless steel hibachi!

Way to help, Byrnes!

Now, there's the Byrnestein Advantage we're used to!

Ready for this water, Eddie?

We use heat to sterilize it and water to clean the surface!

A little steam never hurt either!

Time to shrimp-it!

Mmm.... listen to those babies sizzle!

Cook it up, Byrnes!!!

I'm one happy camper at this point!!

Have I mentioned how much I love shrimp??

Must snap off a few pics before people dive in!

Oh man, these are lookin' tasty!

One last pic!

Everyone is gettin' down after chowin' on shrimp!

The ladies love it when Byrnes is jammin' the tunes!

Shots of juice from the vodka fruit bowl!

Oh man! Not much left!

Loooo & Byrnes bullshittin!

Uh-oh!  Who fed TanSanta after midnight?!  Y'know he gets sleepy!

The last few pics are more shots of the Cajun Angels!
ShrimpFest 2013 seemed to have been a success!

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