Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hickory-Smoked Shredded Beef Taquitos!!

Who doesn't love taquitos?! Hell, I would eat a taco any time, day or night, hungry or not, if someone offered one to me hot outta the toaster oven!  I made a few dozen the other day to have on-hand for when I'm starving but lacking in time, energy, and effort! Check 'em out!

I remember chowing down on taquitos like these ever since I was a little kid!
My mom would make a huge batch of them to give to my brother and I as an easy meal because she knew that we would gobble them right up w/o complaint nor hesitation!
Since then, I've started making my own to have on-hand for when I'm hungry.
Now that I'm all grown up, I don't have to share w/ my brother! Sorry Bob! :)

Read on to see how I whipped these up!

Taquitos can be made with all sorts of stuff!
In this particular case, I used the leftover Smoked Beef Dirty Rice that I had with a can of frijoles!

This had been last night's dinner!  A box of Zatarain's Dirty Rice w/ 1.5lbs smoked shredded beef & a bag of mixed veggies! 

These are the frijoles!  Perhaps not so photogenic, but definitely tasty!

Of course, you're going to need plenty of tortillas!

Using the back of a spoon or a spatula, spread on a thin layer of refried beans!

Try to pick one edge and leave it devoid of beans. Why?? Because I said so!

Now add your filling!

The trick is not to add too much!

Flip the non-beaned flap over the filling and then glue it down w/ a schmear of frijoles on top of the flap!

Now repeat 36 times!

You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Put something on the tube and pour yourself a cold one, this is gonna take a minute!

Roll as many taquitos as you have supplies to do so!
You can never make too many!

Mmmm, taquitos!!

Time to fry 'em up!

Notice that I still have more filling left!  I had to run out to get more tortillas so I could finish making more!

Lube the pan and the taquitos w some no-stick spray!

Flip 'em when they are golden brown!

Try to cook them on each side!

Roll them over as necessary to let the love happen!

Squoosh 'em together to cook them on the edges/sides!

Oh man, these are lookin' good!

Try not to wolf down a half dozen of these like I did!

Time to cook up the remainder that wouldn't fit in the pan w the first batch!

Look at that lovely mountain of taco goodness!

Damnit!  I forgot to put a little bit of shredded cheese in each one!
Oh well!  Next time!

These will never cool off properly all piled up in a pyramid!

Much better!

Again, try not to devour these after all of your hard work!
They're intended for the not-so-distant future when you get home from work starving and ready to raid the fridge for the first available thing to shove in your mouth!

A quick trip through the toaster oven and these suckers will be piping hot and ready for you to stuff in your face!

For the moment, they need to be stoached in freezer bags and tucked away for a hungry day!

So, whaddayawaitin' for??  Yer mudda to make you some taquitos?!?
Get off yer ass and make a batch of your own! They aren't that hard to make!

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