Friday, June 28, 2013

Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork!!

More pulled pork?!?  Of course!  I absolutely love this stuff!!  You would too if you knew how easy it is to whip up a big batch while getting other stuff done on a Saturday afternoon!

I got myself approx 10lbs of pork cushion!
This is a special cut from the "pork shoulder picnic from the anterior side of the humerous bone".
You won't find this cut just anywhere.  You have to ask for it specifically at the butcher shop or get it from the Restaurant Depot!

 This cut of meat is so flavorful, yet lean, that the stores usually process and sell it as another, more pricey, cut of meat to maximize profits!  However, if you get it at the Restaurant Depot, you can get pork cushion for dirt cheap!  If you don't have access to the RD, then perhaps your butcher will be kind enough to oblige, but don't expect to pay the same $1.59/lb that I did @ RD!

Grab your favorite BBQ rub, or some concoction you've spent years perfecting!
I prefer not to reinvent the wheel, so I use a blend that I dig, then adjust it from there!

That oughta do it!

Don't for get the lube!

Squoosh it all around in the bag until it is thoroughly seasoned, then toss it in the fridge over night!
Dump it out on a tray when you're ready to head out to the smoker and snap a coupla pics of that sexy pork!

Ooohh yeaahhhh!!  This ought to be just enough for me!

Too bad I didn't buy enough to share! 

Much better lighting!

Look at all that sexy pork!

Into the smoker it goes!

Don't forget to put your water pan in there or you'll turn your meat in to charcoal briquettes!
Shut the door already!  It's isn't getting any more done w it open!

An hournahalf or so into the process!

Starting to look good, eh?!

Be sure to keep an eye on it and check the coals & smoke-wood every 20 min or so!

6 hrs later and it's ready to come out!


At this point, you can shred up what you need for lunch, then stick the rest in the fridge until you've time to tear it all apart!   This stuff freezes really well and can be used in all sortsa tasty ways!
Pulled pork nachos?! Hell yeah!  Sammiches??  Gimme 4, please!  Pulled Pork Burritos w beans & cheese?!  Load me up!  Lettuce Wraps?! Sure, why not?! Chili?! Yes, please! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

So, toss it into freezer bags and chuck it into the freezerator for later!
Sorry for not having shot a few pics of the mountain of pulled pork prior to having bagged-&-tagged it, but you get the point!  2 lbs per bag ought to do it!  A few min in the nuker on defrost and you're well on your way toward filling yer feedbag w porky deliciousness!! 

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