Monday, May 6, 2013

Smoked Venison Sausage Chili!!

Check out this batch of Smoked Venison Sausage Chili that I made!! It was so damn good that I ate nothing but chili and salad (and corn on the cob!) for 5 days straight! Get a look at how it's made!

I like my chili w noods, yo!
Screw spaghetti though! And screw Cincinnati too! :)
In Detroit, we use rotini!
This is how the chili came out!
Now check out how it is made!

Grab the venison sausages from the freezer
 that we made in a previous episode!

Space 'em out nice and neat so they aren't touching!
The 10 or so lighter-colored ones are store-bought brats,
the rest of them are hand-made venison sausage by yours truly!

Quit screwin' around & cover that shit up!
You did start the fire half an hour ago, right?

Ahhh, yeassss!  Now we're smokin'!

Three hours later, they're ready to flip!

Flip & rearrange them so that they smoke evenly!

Just a few more hours ought to do it!

Ta-daa!!!  All done!
It was after 10pm at this point,
so it was far too dark to get a pic of them in the smoker!

Hacked and whacked!
The venison sausage was faaaar too lean to eat straight-up,
but it was perfectly suited for chili!

Now it is time to chop up the veggies!

Pow!  Just like that!

It just so happens to be that I keep a set of chili-makin's
on-hand for occasions like this when I decide to
whip up a batch on a whim!

This is a big batch, so we'll need plenty of seasonings!
Sure, you could try to make your own chili seasoning blend from scratch,
or you can let the nice food scientists & focus groups at McCormick
do that at which they excel -- make a perfectly blended chili seasoning!

Be sure that you have enough beans & tomatoes to get the job done!

Now, don't get me wrong.
I'm not about to let McCormick get all the credit for this!
I doctor mine up with additional garlic, black pepper, & chili powder!
McCormick is a great way to get the ball rolling,
but why not add a little love to the batch to make it your own?!

As Bob Marley once said, "Stiiir it up!!!"

Needs corn cut fresh from the cob!!

Time to saute the veg!

Onions first!

Lookin' good!

No need to over-do 'em!

Peppers next!
Add a little chili powder, why not?!

Gettin' there!

Now they're lookin' ready!
Don't over-do 'em or they'll be far too mushy later!

Stir in the veggies you had just sauteed!

Time to cook the bacon!
Buy a buttload, separate it into rashers, then freeze 'em!

Toss what you need for the chili into a pan and crank up the heat!

Gettin' there!

Whip your ground beef into burger while the bacon is baconating!

Keep an eye on your bacon because
burnt bacon makes Santa cry.

I'd say that this bacon is ready to go!

Now cook up that burger, yo!

When it is all ready,
throw the meat into the chili!
Stir it up, grab a bowl to eat, then fridge the rest!
This batch of chili got better and better as the love happened
over the course of the next few days!

I swear that I ate nothing but this chili with Scoops,
salad, corn on the cob, and grapefruit
from Saturday night when I made it until
Thursday evening at BFC Night!

A little bit of freshly sliced jalapeno was also a great addition!
This entire batch cost less than $15 bucks and it fed me for nearly an entire week!
Livin' cheap doesn't necessarily mean life can't be tasty!

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