Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pulled Pork Burritos!!

Burritos!!!!!!   Yeah, I'm talkin' about the ones that Mom usta make! Get a load of how easy these are to make!

Remember the applewood smoked pork?
Chop some up because it's time to get cookin'!

Grab the peppers & onions
 and any other veg you want to put in this batch!

Use your thumb to push in the center

Yeap, just like that.

Doesn't have to be perfect!

Now whack the top off!

No need to cut off too much!

Now you can remove the crap from the inside.

Run the blade around to cut out the pulpy parts

Once it's all freed-up, chuck it in the compose bin!

Ta-daaa!  That's how I prep a pepper!

At this point, they are perfect for stuffing, then baking or grilling!

This time, however, I'm going to hack it up!

Too big for burritos, but just right for chili!

Lookin' good!

Next victim!




Ok! The peppers are now ready to go!

Now for the onion!

Cut off one of the sides... that it sits nicely on the cutting board!

I like my sliced onion like I like my women...
...thin and pungent!!

Keep chopping...

Much better!

Toss it in w the rest!

Cuke?! In burritos? Hell no!
But on nachos? Sure, why not?!
So, now it looks like I'm making nachos too!

That oughta do it!



I love corn!

This is actually the pork I made in the slow cooker the day
after I ran out of the pork I had smoked with apple wood!

Chop it up so it will fit nicely in the burritos!

This is the very last of the smoked pork from the previous batch!
I had already sauteed it up w/ peppers and onions!

Get the butter hot! It's time to saute!

Look at all those fresh veggies!
They look somewhat naked though!

How 'bout some sazon?!

Yeaaahhhhh!!  Now we're lookin' good!
Wait!  Needs garlic!

This oughta do it!

Hit 'em w just enough to let the love happen!

Once the veggies are done, it's time to sizzle up the pork!

This was a little bit of leftover rice that I decided to invite to the party!

Holy shit!  Are you as hungry as I am?!

Throw the nachos in the oven on ~425
just long enough to melt the cheese!

Wait!! They're not ready yet!

Now they're ready!!
Grab the hot sauce, it's time to dive in!

Once you've finished shoving nachos in your face,
it's time to get back to business!
First, a little rice. Then a little pork,
then finish it up w your peppers & onions!

Into the pan they go as you make 'em!
Make sure you hit the pan w no-stick before you do this!
Also, be careful not to over-fill each burrito!

Flip them in the pan as needed to toast 'em up!

Put them on a rack to cool thoroughly when they are done!

Into freezer bags they go when they are no longer hot!

Suck out the air and toss them in the freezer for later!
Later, you can chuck as many as you need in the toaster oven
on broil for 10-15 minutes the next time you're hungry
 but have no time/energy/will to cook!
Just like Mom used to! Haha!

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