Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prepping Bacon!!

Buying a pound of bacon at a time is an expensive way to go through life!  Not only do you run the risk of running out, but so too do you spend the most possible per pound of meat!  Click here to see why buying bacon in bulk never hurts!

There are only a few things in life you don't cheap-out on!!
Coffee, toilet paper, beer, booze, bacon, and women!
If you do so, so too shall you suffer the consequences of your actions!
As you can see here, I've gotten a 3.5 lb package of high-quality bacon from Sam's!

Unwrap both slabs, then slice them in half!
Now, count the number of strips in each set!

Divide each slab into rashers of bacon with roughly
the same number of strips in each.
There are sets of 5 & 6 strips in each rasher shown above!

Do what you can to make them approximately the same amount,
but don't sweat it if they aren't exactly even!

Bag 'em up in little snack-size baggies to allow
for easy-access from the freezer later!

Once you've got 'em all bagged-n-tagged,
push the excess air out of them, then stuff them all into a freezer bag!
These will keep well in the freezer for far longer than the time it will take you
to go through only a few pounds of bacon!

Now, whack up what you need for whatever it is that
made you buy bacon in the first place!

Get these suckers sizzlin' and make sure you get a lid on it!

Always pay attention to your bacon to be sure to not over-cook it!
Burnt bacon is awful!  Don't let it happen to you!
Once they are lookin' too good not to pick at, they're done!
Stay tuned to see the batch of chili for which these bacon bits were destined! 

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