Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Garden is WAAAAY better than Byrnes's's!!!

Though there is no evidence to counter my claim, I'm certain that the garden at the Brewster Roadhouse is WAAAAAY better than the one being tended by the yahoos over at the Brynestyle Agricultural Cooperative!
Check out the latest pics and see for yourself how prodigious the Brewster Roadhouse Garden promises to be!

It's finally nice enough to move the plants out of the nursery in the garage to the great outdoors!

Though rumor has it that the Byrnestyle Agricultural Co-op has a jump on me in regard to getting their garden growing, no (zero) evidence of any sort has been presented to back up this claim!

Furthermore, last weekend's late frost may have seriously jeopardized the B.A.C.'s garden,
which would put them WAAAAAY behind the Brewster Roadhouse!

An early assessment of this 2013 season of Garden Wars would clearly illustrate the Brewster Roadhouse as the clear frontrunner and as a strong contender for the trophy!!

Though the season, and the plants, are still young, it is becoming quite evident who the best gardener is!
(Yours truly!)

Before you know it, I'm going to have more peppers, cukes, and tomatoes than I know what to do with!
It also looks like I'll end up w a bumper crop of crabapples too! 

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