Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend at Byrnes' Cabin!!

Crazy Dave & I spent Memorial Day Weekend helping Eddie Byrnes & his brother Chad get their cabin lookin' good after a long, hard winter without much maintenance.  Somehow we also managed to get some fishing done too! Check out a few pics from the trip!

Pictured above, Dave looks out over the property and assesses all of the hard work we had put in during the course of the weekend.  Read on to see pics from the beginning!

Friday night, we rolled in at midnight, but that didn't stop us from having a few pops while doing a few hours of cleaning!  In bed at a quarter to four AM, back up at 8:30! Woot!  We put Byrnes on cooking it up ASAP while Dave and I got to work getting ready to split wood!

Damn sexy french toast, eh?!

This is how breakfast sausage is s'posed to be cooked -- on the grill!

Time to chow down!  We scarfed our food and got right back to work!

The lawn was super damn over-grown!

It took Dave forever to do the back yard!

Byrnes was pleased w the progress!

Even though progress was painstakingly slow!

I chose to do log-splitting duty all weekend!

This was the beast I used to split all of the Black Walnut that had been aging on the property for a few years!

Yeah, I'm pretty much a pro at splittin' wood now!

See, ya get yer log in there like this...

Then ya lower down the hydraulic wedge like so...

And apply pressure in just the right spots to get nice, uniform split logs!

Now, in fast-mo (instead of slow-mo!)!!

As you can see, there were some pretty bigass logs from this 100-ft-tall walnut tree!
This one single log filled the cart shown 1.5x!

This whole area had been covered in knee-deep grass and a mountain of logs to split!

This was the work fire that I used to burn all of the shitty bark that falls off of the logs as they are split!

This was all of the wood that I ended up splitting this weekend!

I did all but a tiny fraction of this wood and it took almost the entire day both Saturday and Sunday!

This is a ton of wood and should last quite a while, unless someone pilfers the pile!

Byrnes and Dave:  "Are you still taking pics?? Jeez!"

I wish I had a picture of this area before we'd cleaned it all up!  It's lookin' great now though!

The backyard came out great too (after a second lower mowing!).

Now, if only Chad can manage to keep this place clean!  Here's hopin' for a miracle!  :)

On three, guys... One... Two...


It took 'em long enough, but they managed to get  it up the hill!
They were thrilled that I couldn't help bec I had to document the whole endeavor!

Here's an exciting video!

Here's a video of Eddie tearin' shit up!

Is he gonna make it up the hill?!  God, I hope so!  That thing is too heavy to push!

This was a little less than the amount that I split during the weekend.  We had to leave some for the neighbor to keep for himself, which was fine w me bec I had already split a buttload for the brothers Byrnes!
As can be seen below, Crazy Dave seems satisfied with the results of all the hard work that we had put in this weekend!  We all had a blast down there getting shit done and we even managed to yank a few fish out of the lake!  So, all said and told, this ended up being a great weekend!  I can't wait to get back down there to do more hangin' out and relaxing!

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