Monday, May 13, 2013

Garden Wars 2013!! Bigger, Better, & More Bountiful!!

After what felt like an endless winter, we've finally transitioned into a less-cold-yet-rainy spring, which means that it's time to get the ball rolling on the garden at the Brewster Roadhouse for 2013!!  Check out what's in stock for this year!

It's Spring!  Finally!  But ya wouldn't know it unless you knew where to look!
When this tree is ablaze with color, I know the time to plant the garden is nigh!
Without further procrastination, I ventured off to Wojo's to buy some plants! 

Not bad for only $50!!
42 plants plus the bigass lettuce bowl in the middle!

Though this looks nice now, it will need to be transplanted into a large pot to give them more elbow room so that they aren't over-crowded when the plants grow larger!

These are "Wojo's Top Pick" Green Bell Peppers!
Only $1.29 each!

Thai Basil @ $1.29 awaiting transplanting!

Looks happier now!
Thai Basil is awesome in stir fry!

Wojo's Rainbow (Bell) Peppers!
4 of these plants for $1.29!  I got bought 8 so I have plenty of peppers!

"Blue Lake Bush" Green Beans!!
Also 4 for $1.29!

At the rate I'm movin', this is gonna take all day!

Grabbed a foursome of Long Skinny Cayenne Pepper plants for only $1.29!

"Bush" Cukes!!  3 for $1.29!

Wojo's Top Pick Beefsteak Tomato plants were only $1.29 each!
I grabbed two of these!

"Supersteak" Tomatoes! Why not, right?!
4 @ $1.29!

I LOVE cherry tomatoes!
4 "Super Sweet 100's" cherry tomato plants for only $1.29!

I got 8 of the Super Sweet 100's!

These were so big, that they were about to put them into 4 inch pots,
essentially tripling the price of them, but I got them for a steal!

"Sugar Baby" Watermelons!
This should produce a buncha smallish, bowling-ball size watermelons!

"Early Girl" Tomatoes!  First to ripen!
Grabbed 4 for $1.29!

"Huskey Red" Cherry Tomatoes!
Because, well... y'know... I love cherry tomatoes!
Again, 4 for only $1.29!

Just a few minutes after I had finished hauling all of these pots to the back yard,
I was informed that there was a freeze advisory for the night,
so I had to haul them all back up to the garage!

I'm gonna end up w/ tomatoes and cukes comin' out my ears!
I can't wait!
Here's a shot of the "nursery"!  These plants are all basking in 24hr florescent light until
I've been told that we can no longer anticipate possible freezing temperatures!
Stay tuned for updates as everything begins to GROW! 

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