Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Update: The Brewster Roadhouse Still Reigns Supreme!! -- 05-22-2013

Evidently, a little room to grow and a bit of Miracle Grow is all that was necessary to get the potted veggies in the garden at the Brewster Roadhouse to grow like crazy!  Get a look at the progress in this latest set of pics!

This bowl of lettuce has already outgrown its pot!
It's about time I get it split up to give them a little more room!

The peppers are doing great!   The hostas really started boomin' too!

It seems that I've got all my ducks in a row!

The mild spring rain we got last night seemed well-received by all present!

The tomatoes are getting big already!
I'm gonna need to do something about that!

These oughta do the trick!
Now it's just a matter of finding some time to get 'er done!

This green bell pepper plant may need to be transferred to a bigger pot!

The rhubarb that I nearly killed is coming back to life!
This garden may not seem like much from these pictures but, rest assured, there will be a huge yield from the 45 or so veggie plants that I have going!  Keep checking back to see the latest progress!

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