Friday, May 3, 2013

Fried Food Fest @ BFC Night!!

For those of you who weren't at BFC last night, here's just a little peek at all the amazing stuff we dunked in the deep fryer!!

Mac 'n' Cheese bites & Chicken Fries!!

Tater tots & Green Beans!!

Deep frying tater tots is DEFINITELY the best way to make 'em!

Mini Corn Dogs & Pizza Rolls!

Crinkle-cut fries tossed in butter, parmesan cheese, & garlic!!!
OMG, these are sooo damn good!!
Kudos to the Tilted Kilt for giving me this idea!

It's hard to get good pics when people are diving right in!
I managed to get a few while the food was still too hot to eat!

We also had deep fried swaasaaage and meatsballs!
That's Gooba Dukes makin' a butthole in the background!

We're always looking for ideas for new stuff to deep fry!
Got an idea?? Let me know! Maybe I'll feature it here on the blog! 

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