Friday, May 24, 2013

First Midnight Stir Fry of 2013!!

Who doesn't love stir fry??  Especially at midnight after an evenin' of hangin' out playin' horseballs and havin' a few brewskis!  Check out how we get our late-night grub on!  

Screw going to Taco Bell (or ANY other fast food place), especially for late-night grub!
When we are hungry, we don't screw around!  The following pics will illustrate how easily a top-notch stir fry can be executed!

Byrnes does a great job hackin' up vegetative matter!

I took care of putting the meat in a teriyaki-soy-garlic glaze!

Looks like we've got our shit together!
Time to get cooking!

Awww, don't these two make a cute couple!
Well... at least Lauren brings some cute to the couple!

We don't call him Crazy Dave for no reason!
This guy looks like he needs something to do! So...

...we put Dave on prepping the fire & hibachi grill!

Byrnes is ready to take the helm!

Dave is just ready.  For anything!

Lauren is on security detail.
Obviously, crowd control was a major headache that night!

YEAH, BABY!  Now we're cookin'!!

Stir it up!

We lubed up the veggies w a little veg oil!

Byrnes is doin' it to it!

Be carefs, yo!! You're losin' broccoli off the sides, Byrnes!

Lid it up and stoke the fire!

Now we're talkin'!
We put Dave Craze on goalie duty!

Eddie Byrnes thinks he's a stir fry ninja!
Schink, chink, shwing, tink go the spatulas!

POW!  Lookin' good, huh?!

Moar stirring!

Moar frying!

Almost done!

Needs something!

But what?!


Ya gotta have some rotini in there w your veggies, right??

See?!  Much better, no yes??

Adding teriyaki sauce and seasonings!

Even more stirring & frying!

Done yet?! No!

Now?  No!

Now??  Almost!

Juuuuust about there....

Now it's done!  Finally!

Time to move it out of the way!

Time to dig in yet?  No!  We need meat!

Sure is lookin' good though, huh?

Were it not lacking meat, we would have dove right into the stir fry at this point!

Get that beef sizzlin'!

Ooh!  That chicken is coming along nicely!

Lid it and lubricate things as necessary!

Almost done!

All set!

Gotta get the meat out of the way so we can heat up...

...the tortillas!!

Byrnes was so excited...

...that he started doing his happy dance!

Flip them, then let them finish up! It's finally time to chow down!
I didn't get any pics of us eating because I was too busy stuffing my facehole!

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