Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Evening at the Track!

This past Saturday was a beautiful evening to watch the ponies run down at the Hazel Park Raceway! After a huge win for the Wings in Chicago, Dave and I headed down to watch the Preakness at the track! 

The people-watching at the track is great!

There are all sortsa crazy people here hangin' out.
Admission is free!  16 oz draft Bud/Bud Lt after 7pm are only $2.00!
Food is dirt cheap too!  And, of course, you can bet as much or as little as you'd like!
I think the whole night cost me $22.00!

Oddly enough, it's actually a family-friendly environment!

Most people don't think of harness racing when they envision going to the track.
Some drivers (aka jockeys) are really good and race multiple horses in one evening!
Some horses are better than others, so don't bet on a driver just because he won the first race he was in.
I'm looking at you, Skip DeMull. 

This damn horse wouldn't hold still for my pictures!

This is a panoramic view of the track. What appears to be a big curved track coming toward the front and away again is actually a big, long straight stretch of track. See below for the regular view!

This was toward the end of the evening as the place started to clear out.
It was a great night at the track, even though the horses I bet on didn't win me squat!

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