Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Best Batch Lately!! -- 04-01-2013

I love prunes! I made another batch and they came out awesome!  Check 'em out!

I'm not sure how I manage to go through one 2lb bag after another!
I get each bag for under five bucks at Sam's Club!

They're waaaay too mushy when you get 'em!
I'll eat one or two this way, but I can't get enough of them
after I've dried them into a chewy texture!

I did this while watching TV.
What do you do while watching TV?

Not nearly enough on there!
Squunch 'em closer together or you won't have enough room
to get them all done in one load.


Not an inch to spare!

I ran this batch overnight.

In the morning, I thought they were done just right!

They come out better if you squash-flatten them as you put them in
so that they dry evenly and have the best texture.

Chuck 'em in a bag and take them to work!
Guilt-free & super nutritious!
(Have you ever eaten these w a mini Milky Way?! You totally should!)

I ate one entire tray in two pass-by sessions of having ats!
I love these things!
Do you dehydrate fruit? I would love to hear about it!
Esp, if you can tell me how to make my own Fruit Roll-ups!
Shoot me a note!  My name at helluvacook dot com!

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