Monday, April 15, 2013

Contemporary Corn on the Cob!!

Corn on the cob need not be served whole, nor need it be boiled in a vat of water!  Check out my contemporary technique for serving up mini corn on the cob!

WooooHoooo!! Corn is back in season!!
I ♥ corn on the cob!
I try to eat at least one a day!

They need a little trimming when you bring them home from the store.
Grab the scissors!

Nip the tip on each end, but don't take off too much!
This is how you want it to come out!

Crappola goes in a bag!

Now that's some good lookin' corn!
Storing them like this in the fridge extends their freshness
and also makes it convenient to steam them in the nuker
right in their own husks!  3 - 4 mins on high!

I made the mini-cobbed corn for a pot luck at work!
These are super easy and super tasty!

Just hack 'em all up!
I get rid of the very ends of each so that the whole batch
comes out looking nicer/more uniform!
Into a freezer bag they went until the day of the pot luck!
I forgot to take pics of them after this point!
In a lidded pot, bring a half-inch of water, some butter, and garlic salt
to a hard boil.  Toss in the mini-cobs, then lid & agitate to cover them w/ butter!
Bring back to a hard boil to start steaming them & continue to agitate the pot!
When they look delicious, they're done!
If you're not sure, just try one!
Serve them up w/ a little hot pepper flake to give it some color!
Just watch how fast these things disappear at a pot luck!

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