Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Applewood-Smoked Pulled Pork!!

Nothin' beats feasting on a mountain of mouth-watering applewood-smoked pulled pork after a long Saturday of GSD around the house!  Check out how easy this is to make!

Spring is here and the time has come once again to smoke some pork!!!!
I scored 13lbs of bone-in pork butt for a buck per pound!
ALWAYS make more smoked pork than you think you will need!

You'll need a board for hacking the meat into manageable pieces.
A tray and your smoker racks. (You did start the smoker, didn't you?)
Seasonings and a pair of garbage bags in which to mix.

Dissect the meat between the muscles.
Don't over-think it, just get it done.
No bigger than a softball!

Do the same for the second chunk of meat!

Into the bag they go as you hack 'em up!
Double-bag it! Or be cheap and regret not having done so!
I learned the hard way. Once.

Get some seasoning on that swine!

Twist the bag shut and mix it up until they're evenly covered!
Not enough rub? Add more!
I didn't lube these with anything,
but you can add a little veg oil if necessary!
At this point, they can go in the fridge over night
(in which case, throw in a bit of apple cider vinegar, why not!)
or they can be used as soon as you are ready to throw them in the smoker!

They're lookin' ready to me!
Sure, over night in the rub w vinegar would have been great,
 but I picked this up earlier in the day. Meh, next time, eh!

One more pic!

In they go!
Make sure you have water in your smoker!

40 minutes or so later

Add more charcoal and soaked apple wood
(or whatever type you prefer)
as needed.  Don't get over-zealous!
This is going to take hours! Slow & low!
 Now go get shit done (GSD) while this smokes!

Check it once in a while!

Flip it after a few hours!

Soak your wood for a few days before you smoke your meat
and it will last a lot longer!

If the wood starts on fire, toss it back in the bucket
then put a different piece back in the smoker!
This came off of the apple tree in the Neighbs' yard.
Apple, cherry, pear, hickory, or mesquite.
Those are the most common and widely available.
Try each one to see which you like the best!

Oooh! Look at that nice smoke!
4+ hours into the process.

6.5 hrs total time in the smoker!
Done! Finally!  I'm starvin!!

This needs to cool off a bit before we dive in!

Looks good, doesn't it?! 
5 seconds after this pic, we tore into one of these chunks like wolves!

After an initial round of taste-testing, 
we shredded up another chunk or two!

How bout a mini pulled pork sammich?

This was what remained after Rosik and I had our fill!

Too much? Hell no!  Not nearly enough!
Into the fridge for the night!
On the morn, we shall shred mucho pork whilst sipping suds & watching hockey!

Pow!  In under one period of hockey, we managed to rip apart
the rest of the pork butt! Doing so on auto-pilot while we
watch the game and bs w the Neighbs isn't too rough for a Sunday afternoon!

Hmm...looks good, but it needs somethin'!

Salt, pepper, and lots of garlic!

Sprinkle some on, mix it up. Repeat as necessary.

Don't overdo it.  You're just makin' the love happen!
Now, pour in a beer, mix it up, then throw it in the oven
at 350° until it's hot as shit!

Now? No! Not yet!
Stir it while you've got it open!
Just a little longer...

Now?  Yeah! Now!

Stir it up, then serve it up!

Quit pickin' at it, guys! I'm tryin' to take pictures!

Vegetative matter wouldn't be a bad idea, eh?

Again, don't overdo it!
Hit 'em w some garlic salt!

Let me at that pork!!!
Check out these sliders w their lids covered in Shit Yeah!
These little sandwiches were unbelievably tasty!
Come back soon to see what else I do with all the leftover pork! 

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