Monday, March 18, 2013

What?! No Meat?! -- 03-12-2013

Every once in a while, I make a meal entirely devoid of meat.  Usually, it's an accident or done out of shear laziness, but this time I just didn't happen to have the right meat (burger) for the occasion!  Scope out this marinara that was both quick and satisfying, even if it didn't have any meat in it!

Gather the cast!
This show's about to begin!

Toss these guys in the pot on medium low
& get your water boilin' for the pasta!

You're gonna need to season the marinara!
I wish I had some fresh basil, but this will do!

Don't over-do it w/ the onion!

A splash of oil in ẅ the 'maters will kick up the

Water boiling yet?
Good, in goes the pasta!

This is starting to look good, but it needs something!

That's it!

That oughta do 'er!

Needs moar fresh ground black pepper!

Now we're talkin'!

Those noods done yet?!?

This came together nicely in under 20 minutes!

Lookin' good, but...

...still needs something!

Shit Yeah! sauce and parmesan cheese, why not?!

Now it's ready to eat!!

Toss the rest in some Tupperware, 
to make your co-workers jealous as they nuke yet another Lean Cuisine!

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