Monday, March 18, 2013

Venison Tenderloin!!

I had a hankerin' for meat ever since the meatless marinara left an imbalance in the Force, so I decided to whip up some venison tenderloin to huck on with Wheat Thins!  Get your eyeballs on these excellent chunks of steak!

Remember the first deer that I had ever butchered?!
Well, it's time for lunch and I'm jonesin' for some venison!

Since I'm only feeding myself, I decided to pull out the best cut of venison!

Defrost your meat only long enough to get it pulled apart!
Toss it in a hot pan ẅ some butter!

Get a lid on it and sizzle it until the love happens!

Now it's getting there!
Be careful not to over-do it!
Venison gets tough & chewy quick!

Mmm, deer meat!

This venison has been the most tender that I've ever had!
It was a yearling doe that I'd butchered,
which is certainly going to be a lot more tender than an old buck!

Venison, done properly, isn't game-y at all!
If you had venison that was tough and game-y, then you haven't
had decent venison!  Call me & I will try to rectify that!

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