Monday, March 25, 2013

Sesame Teriyaki Salmon Lettuce Wraps!! 03-24-2013

As an alternative to eating a bowl of salad, lettuce wraps are a great delivery method for sauteed sesame teriyaki salmon! Get a load of how easy this low-carb meal was to throw together!

Gather the rabbit food!  This is what I happened to have on-hand!
Meanwhile, you've got the salmon in a bag w the sesame oil & teriyaki sauce, right?!

We're making lettuce wraps, so cut everything long & skinny!

This shouldn't take forever, so get to it!

Lookin' good!  
This is the same way one would cut them up for fajitas as well!

Slice up that cuke!

Sure as shit beats just another boring salad!

This salmon is lookin' good now, eh?!
Cut it into manageable-size pieces and throw it in a saute pan!
Note:  I would much rather have grilled this on a hot, lubed flat iron out on the grill,
but it's March in Michigan and for some damn reason it is still only 30 degrees out, 
so I'ven't yet had the opportunity to get the grill back in action!

Get a lid on it!

You did prep the asparagus while the salmon was soakin' up the love, right?!

Just a bit of water (1/4 inch), a lump of butter, and some garlic salt oughta do it!

Fire 'em in there, then lid it!
No peeking! 
(Unless you need pics for your blog!)  :]

Shit! This is taking forever!
Why did I have the heat so low??
Who knows?! Crank it! 

Much better!
Now let it cook!

Yeah, baby! 

These are just about done!

These are just a *hair* over-done! 
Crap, oh well...onward!

Now?  Yeah, now!

Everything ready?!

Looks like it's time to eat!!
Now, this is gonna be delicious, but it won't be pretty!
Time to put a lettuce wrap together!

Two ribs of romaine; layers lend stability to this food vessel!
On with the asparagus!

Now, it may not be easy, but you can add whatever will fit!

Top it all off with some of the salmon and you're ready to eat!

Not bad, eh?
Good luck eating this without making a bit of a mess in the process!
It's certainly worth every bit of sloppiness! 

Round Two, why not?!
As it turns out, taking pictures of sesame teriyaki lettuce wraps
with schmutz all over your fingers isn't necessarily an easy feat!
The only thing this needed was a bit of Shit Yeah! sauce!
The greatest part about these lettuce wraps is that I somehow
managed to make a carb-free meal by accident!
That is something that very rarely ever happens around my place!
I also ended up with just enough leftovers
 to have an awesome lunch at work the next day as well!

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