Thursday, March 28, 2013

Renovation Update!!

The renovations to the bathroom are progressing well!  I owe The Cuz loads of gratitude and favors for having come through in the clutch by helping me level the floor, then lay the subflooring!!  Get a look at the great job he did this past weekend!

This is what the original floor looked like prior to replacement!
Though it is hard to tell in this pic, the floor was rather un-level!

I managed to rip out the layer of 3/4 plywood and then
the 1x12's that were the original subfloor in the house!

After removing the floor, Bobber & The Cuz
worked together on leveling the floor!

This pic was taken not long after my bro nicked  the
 cold water feed line to the tub when cutting the floor out with a sawzall!
Whoops! :)

I had all sortsa fun fixin' plumbing while he and Cuz continued the floor-leveling!

See?? Good as new! 

The guys did a great job making the floor level!!

Meanwhile, Bob's kick-ass gf Jamie assisted me with the rest of the project!

Bob noticed a cracked drain pipe, which is kinda hard to see in this pic.

So, it had to go!  

This is the replacement that I put together!

Not bad for only $50 bucks worth of plumbing connections!
This happens to be the confluence where the water from
the tub and the vanities intermingles.
This was a bigger pain in the ass than fixing the nick in the pipe!
It's all working without any leaks now though!

One last look before it is sealed in the floor permanently!

Somehow, I managed to coerce The Cuz into coming back over
to help me lay in the OSB a week or two after he and Bob leveled the floor!

First board, done! On to the next!

Before we knew it, all of the OSB was in!

This all went together great and is being held in place by
Subfloor Glue by Liquid Nails as well as a bajillion screws!



Much better, eh?!

Now we're talkin!
Nice and level! Solid too!
Next step is the drywall!  Stay tuned for more updates!

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