Monday, March 25, 2013

Propane Run!!

This food doesn't get hot and cook itself all on its own!  A guy like me needs a lot of propane and it just so happens to be time to get all my tanks refilled!  Click here to check out the mission to get more farts-in-a-can!!

This much propane may seem excessive, but when you take into consideration how much deep frying, grilling, and homebrewing that I do, you see that having a ton of propane is actually warranted!

There are 10 x 20lb tanks here!
2 are Byrnestein's, 1 is the Neighbs, and the remaining 7 are mine!

By getting them all filled at the same time, I get a better price per pound!
It cost just under $200 to get these filled!
This oughta get me through until this fall!! 
Now let's get some deep fryin' done!!!

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