Monday, March 18, 2013

Killer King Crab!!

One of my people at Sam's Club  hooked me up ẅ an unbeatable deal on some King Crab, so I grabbed a little over 1.3 lbs as a treat to myself for having recently given all of my hard-earned $,$$$ to Sallie Mae for my student loans!  Scope out how I steamed 'em up!

Get a half-inch of H2O on the boil while you gather your

For this batch, I threw in some butter, Old Bay seasoning, Garlic & Herb seasoning,
and flakes of chili peppers!

These are lookin' good, eh!

I only wish I had the whole crab to eat!!!

These legs oughta be a pretty awesome lunch though!

Once the pot has reach a hard boil, throw 'em in there!
Lid it, QUICK!

Hey, no peeking!
(But, wait! I need pics for the blog!)

They done yet?!?
No! Keep that lid shut or they'll never steam properly!

Now they're ready!
How do I know?!
I've had them enough to know that when they are too hot to touch, they're ready!
If you're not sure, close the damn lid and give 'em another minute or three! :)

OMG!  Yesssss!!
I ♥ king crab!!!

I could easily eat 4 times this amount!
But this isn't THAT special of an occasion!

Some people need a side of clarified butter,
I'm not one of them!
Done properly ẅ the right seasonings (as I had done)
king crab doesn't need extra butter!

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