Friday, March 8, 2013

Blood, Sweat, & Beers!! -- 03-07-2013

So, the bathroom is coming along great, but not without a lot of hard work, time, & energy put in by yours truly! Click here for another peek at the progress!

OK!  It's time to get the mirror & soffit outta here!

Damn, this drywall makes a mess!

This wasn't even the worst of it!

Thank god for this little bad boy!
You should see it suck up dog turds!!

Awesome panorama shot done in a super confined space!

And, POW!, just like that, it's gone!
Well, actually it took an hournahalf!!

Got me some flux so I can get the sinks plumbed in!

I started by pre-fitting all the pieces together!

Yeap, just another super-stud remodeling a bathroom
and bringin' sexy back, all at the same time!


Sweated in those copper-to-cpvc converters myself!

Gluing the rest of the cpvc together was a cinch!

Guess what?!
It all worked perfectly on the first attempt!
NO LEAKS!!  WooooHoooo!!

Now, let's get that wiring run!

That oughta do 'er!

Hey! What's that?!


Oh, wait! I'm bleeding! Haha!

The stupid wire mesh in the sheetrock sliced me up pretty good!
Whoops!  I didn't even realize I was bleeding, until I saw it on the wall!

Who's a hard-workin', sexy maniac?

This guy!!

GTK that I can make remodeling a bathroom look this good!! Haha!
Stay tuned for more!

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