Monday, March 25, 2013

BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings!! -- 03-24-2013

Om, nom, nom!!  BBQ glazed chicken wings certainly don't last long around these parts!  Grab one quick before they are gone!

Though I normally bread my own chicken wings,
Big Bad Brad had brought these over not knowing that they cannot be deep fried!
They are already pre-sauced & frozen. So, unfortunately, they must be baked!
Screw the directions that called for 18-20 min at 425 degrees!
Wings need to be cooked thoroughly or they are rubbery!
Into the oven they went for 35 min at 365 degrees!

Now these are lookin' good!
They needed to be flipped once or twice!

The sauce on them was minimal and got kinda crispy, so I decided to add more!

Sauce 'em!  Now give 'em a stir!

Yeah!! Now we're talkin'!

Just a little more sauce was all it needed,
though I would have liked some Shit Yeah! mixed in too!
Unf, some of my ppl are wussies when it comes to spicy food, so I had to leave it out!
They came out pretty good for what it's worth!

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