Monday, February 25, 2013

Teriyaki-Style Fried Chicken!! -- 02-25-2013

What better to hold you over while the soup is in the oven than a few pieces of Teriyaki Fried Chicken?!?  Check out just how easy this is!

Grab a bag of the par-fried dark meat that we had made

Only thing ya need to do to let the love happen
is hit the pan ẅ a bit of no-stick spray,
then throw them in the oven!

One hour later...
these things have been roasting along nicely
on the rack just below the le Creuset full of soup!

Quite obviously, they need more time!
Back into the hotbox ẅ them!

Another half hour later and they are lookin' ready!

I had the soup slow-cooking at 325ish,
so they took longer than they would have otherwise at a more appropriate temp!

Regardless, they're cooked just right!

Toss them in a receptacle that will easily allow you to mix them up in the sauce!

Grab whatever sauces float yer boat!
I'm in the mood for eating a little Asian, 
but I'll settle for some teriyaki-style fried chicken instead! ;)

Don't forget the Shit Yeah! sauce!!!



Now mix it up to coat them!

That's it!!  Couldn't get any easier!
I scarfed down a few pieces right then,
and saved the rest for lunch @ work! (see below!)
My co-workers were supes jealous, yo!

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