Friday, February 15, 2013

Venison Steak Sliders!! -- 02-15-2013

So, whaddaya make when you're tired of the same ol' shit day in and day out?!  Why not some of the venison steak I've got around here somewhere!

Well, let's whip up some steak sliders!

Just a few minutes in the nuker on defrost!

Only need to keep 'em in there long enough to get them apart!

Get your oil hot!

Fire them into the pan, then get a lid on it!

Flip them when you think it's time!

Now wouldn't be a bad time to add extra seasonings, if ya think you need it!
In this particular case, I didn't think it called for it!

Grab your little yeast rolls and slice 'em in half!

Meh, you've got time to grab another squirt from the keg.

Almost as sexy as pork!!

Getting there!

Just about ready!

Toastification is under way!


Ready yet?!

Hell yeah!

Lookin' good!
Now, get to assembling these suckers!

Quick photo opp!

One more sexy close-up!

Needs Shit Yeah! sauce!!

Time to eat!!!
There is no excuse for eating fast food when
making sliders like this takes less than ten minutes
and costs less than $2 bucks!

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