Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teriyaki Pork Chop Schlopp!! 02-06-2013

This batch of Bachelor Chow came out pretty damn decent!!  Not only was it quick & easy-to-make, but it's also capable of satisfying even the most voracious appetite!  Take a look at how it's done!!

Remember a while back, y'know, the last time I made bachelor chow?
Well, I'm in the mood once again, so why not whip up a quick batch?!

Grab whatever meat floats your boat... 

...and nuke it on defrost only as long as it needs to allow you to separate it.

Meanwhile, toss some schmaltz in a frying pan!

Bow chicka wow-wowwwww!!

I decided to go with rice of the a-roni variety!

Toast that shit up, b!

Lookin' good!

Your chops will take ages to cook in this form!
I shall hack it up to expedite the cooking process!

A little more schmaltz for the veg!

Everything ready?

Toss the schmaltz in the pot ẅ a little water!

Grab your veggies and toss them in!

I dig this normandy blend, but you can use whatever you'd like!

Hmm, needs something...

A little bit of Maggi Chicken Salt!

Much better!

Cover it already!


...and after!

Lookin' good, no?!

Get that pan hot, then toss them in!


 ...Stir, then cover!

Getting there!

Try one to see if they need anything! 
(Salt, pepper, et cetera)

Just another few seconds!

Kill the heat and leave 'em lidded if everything isn't ready all at once!

Don't over-steam the veg! 

That damn rice done yet?!

Time for action!

Ahhh, yeaaas!

Everyone in the pool!

Stir it up!

Oh hell yeah!

Gimme somma that!

Oh man, can't wait to dive in!

Quick & easy!

The best part is that you can substitute everything in this recipe for something else
and you'll wind up with a completely different dish next time!

Get a load of this sexy batch of Bachelor Chow!

Hmm,... needs something!

Shit Yeah! sauce


NOW it's time to eat!!
Om, nom, nom!!!

WooHooo! Leftovers for work tomorrow! 

If you're not excited to eat your leftovers,
you probably didn't make it right to begin with!

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