Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nanner Bread!! -- 02-03-2013

Considering the lovely weather we've had here in Michigan lately, it may seem like baking season is going to last forever, but (un)fortunately it will come to an end sooner than later! Better get to makin' some banana bread before it's too late!!

It should take less than 5 minutes for you to gather together:
2 bananas, 4 eggs, 2 sticks of butter, baking soda,
powdered milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, brown & 10x sugar, and flour.
Now get to it!

Chuck the eggs into your Kitchenaid stand mixer
and beat 'em up real good!

Let 'er rip!

Meanwhile, throw the butter in the nukebox on defrost
to soften it up without over-heating it!

Once the eggs have been scrambled pretty well,
it is time to add your vanilla extract!

Yeah, that oughta do it!

Brown sugar!

Meh, a cup ought to do it!

That butter ready yet? Ohhhh yeah!!!!

Toss it in there!
Get this show on the road!
You did pre-heat the oven, right?!

Add the sugar!

Crappy shot of the 10x refined confectioners sugar!
Also, approx a cup!

Chuck it in there already!

Crank the Kitchenaid up and blend the crap out of the butter, sugars, and vanilla extract!

Lookin' good!

Now, add in about this much powdered milk!

Time to add the spices!

Nutmeg first!

Cinnamon next!

Mix it really well while you clean up the big mess you've been making!

Slowly add the eggs while the mixer does its thing!

Going slowly seems to work a little better than just dumping it all in, 
but you do whatever you want!

Now, peel those bananas while the mixer keeps on keepin' on!

Grab the mixer paddle and mush 'em up!

These bananas were screaming for salt!

So, in it goes!

All at once, squoosh the banana goop into the mixer when it's cranked up!
Screw going slowly at this point! This is taking far too damn long!
Let it run until smooth...

...or until you've measured out your flour!

Damnit, I probably shouldn't hurry this step too much...
shake a little in at a time.

Keep at it...

until you've added all of it!
Not too much, not too little!

You did grab the pans when you pre-heated the oven, right?

Nothing in the world like Crisco!

Bag up your hand and grab ats, yo!

Lube 'em up!

Everything ready?

Dump it in, but try not to make a mess!

One more pic, why not?!

An hour and change later!

Be carefs, yo!  It's HOT!

Flip them out onto a sheet rack over the sink!

By doing it over the sink, you contain the mess while promoting good air flow.

Can't wait to dive in!!

Slice it up when it is cool enough to touch!

I really like mine thrown back in the toaster oven until crunchy,
then sprinkled ẅ a little sea salt!

Must take pics before chowing down!

Cannot resist any longer!
I've now got breakfast for a week for less than $2.00!

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