Friday, February 15, 2013

Mostaccioli, Brewskis, & Red Wings hockey!! -- 02-15-2013

Who doesn't love mostaccioli?!  So, why not whip up a batch for tonight's Wing's game?!

Gather all your shit!
We're makin' mostaccioli tonight!
Pasta, meat, swaaace, cheese & le Creuset!!

I got a 4 cheese blend that really does the trick!

Penne ready yet? Good!
Now go preheat the oven!

Toss in a bigass can of spaghetti swaace!

Now add another can of diced tomatoes! 

Those par-fried meatballs thawed yet?

What are you waiting for?
Throw 'em in there!

Needs something...


Start with a handful.
You can add more later!

Ok, this quite obviously needs more cheese!

That oughta do it!

Why not throw in some seasonings?!
I added granulated garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper,
and a garlic & herb blend.

Mix it up!

Yeah! Now that looks better!

Cover it and fire it into the oven!

Check it after an hour!

You can just tell that it needs more time
for the love to happen!

Give it a stir...

...mix 'er up good...

...then stick it back in the oven!

Another hour later!

It looks done to me!

OMG, I'm starvin'!

Another sexy close-up!

Now, it's time to strap on the feed-bag!
Chicago Baaab, The Cuz, & I (D-troit) are now
watchin' the Wings & huckin' on mostaccioli!!

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