Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moar Grapefruit! 02-12-2013

If you're not eating a grapefruit a day, you should be!  Especially if you drink coffee!

Yeah, I know... I already covered grapefruit!
But I love grapefruit, so deal w it!
Never cut a grapefruit in half (sideways), then eat it.
This isn't 1913, it's 2013.  That's just not how it's done any more.

Adding sugar is for the weak!

Decent pampelmousse don't need sugar added!

These things are loaded with vitamins and by eating it this way, 
you'll eat a lot of pith, which has tons of dietary fiber in it!

I read somewhere that grapefruit inhibits the body's ability to process caffeine,
which makes the effect of caffeine last much longer than it would otherwise.
What?! You want a reference? Try Joogle, I'm done doing HW. :)

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