Friday, February 15, 2013

Late Night St. Louis Style Ribs @ BFC wsg Chicago Baaab!! 02-14-2013

Holy Crap!!  At approximately 11:30pm, Chicago Baaab Chuck-Norris'ed the bsmnt door open and made a surprise appearance at BFC!!  Check out the ribs I made for us to munch on!!

 Wholly unexpectedly, Hey There Baaaab showed up an entire day early from Chicago!
Needless to say, brostaccioli was surprised that I didn't have a houseful of ppl
hangin' out cookin' & drinkin' @ BFC. 
We suspect Valentine's Day might have had something to do w it!
I tossed these in the broiler oven for 20 min...

...flipping them once, approximately halfway through the process.

Once they were sizzlin' hot, they were ready to go!

I grabbed what I thought might be tasty!

You can use whatever sauces float your boat!

Now mix 'em up!

Toss them around until they are well-coated!

These things were super easy & very damn tasty!
This type of situation is exactly the reason why you always
make 3x the amount of St. Louis style ribs than you actually need!
Trust me, you'll never regret it! 

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