Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Want Moar Soup!! -- 02-24-2013

Damn this shitty weather!! On cold nights like these, nothing hits the spot like a hot bowl of soup!

Remember all that stock I made at ChickenFest 2012 Pt 2??

Well, it's time to get one defrosting!

Get the rest of your shit together while this thaws out!

This is all you need!
(More or less)

Why not?!

Into le Creuset it goes!

Any flavor of dark meat will work!
Hell, even non-pre-marinaded meat will do the trick!

Now, throw in a can of diced tomatoes,

then add the usual chicken soup spices!
Vegeta, Lawry's Perfect Blend Poultry Seasoning, Lawry's Seasoned Salt,
granulated garlic, bay leaves, et cetera.

Is that damn stock ready yet?!


Don't forget a pair of small onions, peeled, kissed,
and ready for the love to happen!

Throw them in already!

Screw it! 95% of the stock was melted at this point,
so it was go time!

Schtir it!

Lookin' good?!

It needs a little freshly ground black pepper!
And, by a little, I mean,
fuckloads, bro.
But that's just my style!

You did make the noods, right?
Macaroni. Again.
So what about it??
I like mac! 
An hour into cooking and it's not even close!

Lookin' good though!

2 hrs in!
Still not done!

Give it a stir!

OMG, the house smells amazing!
I want soup NOW!

Yeah, you could hack up fresh veg.
I would do so, but I'm also remodeling a bathroom while I do this!

This is a shot of the Neighbs & I in action
dismantling the old cabinetry in the bathroom! 

I want LOTS of veggies in this batch of soup!

However(!), broccoli (fresh or frozen)
makes the leftover soup stink like shit!
Do yourself a favor and save it for later!

Throw the mixed veg blend and the additional corn in the pyrex,
(ẅ a bit of H20, butter, seas, and whatnot)
then fire that sucker in the nuker for as long as necessary to make 'em
scream for mercy while you laugh maniacally!!
Or whatever you do to know when your vegetables are lightly steamed!

Stoach the pasta after it cools off.
You're not gonna need all of it at the moment,
so there's no reason it can't go in the fridge!

If it didn't all fit in the microwave in one load...
(as mine hadn't)

...you can do it in two separate batches!

Try to time everything so that this is ready to rock
when the rest of the soup is ready to roll!

After 3hrs & change, I'd say it's ready!

Now, yank that chicken out of there so that you can debone it!

Be carefs, yo!
It's HOT!
Set the chicken aside for the moment!



Grab a squirt while that chicken cools off a little bit.

This should only take a few minutes.

Try not to pick at the chicken while you are separating it from the bones!

This is about how much meat you get from approximately 2 lbs of dark meat.

You can't put the meat in the soup...

...ẅ the lid on the pot!

Ooh baby!

Come to papa!

I'm starving!!
The Teriyaki-style Fried Chicken I made earlier
is a long-forgotten memory at this point!

This *might* last me 3 days,
IF I don't share!

Super Sexy Close-Up!

Time to chow!

Needs something!!

Shit Yeah! sauce!!

Haha, somehow it isn't particularly photogenic...

...but I really love Shit Yeah! regardless of how (un)photogenic it is!

Another sexy close-up!

Be sure to bring enough leftovers to share ẅ your co-workers!

20 degrees outside?!
BFD! I've got a bigass bowl of hot soup!!
So, what are you waiting for???
Soup season isn't going to last forever!

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