Sunday, February 10, 2013

How 'Bout a Bigass Bowl of Soup?! -- 02-10-2013

This just so happened to have been the perfect weekend for me to make another bigass batch of soup for all of the "future me's" (a.k.a. the temporal collection of me/we/us's) that will be starving & in need of something quick to stuff in our future faces throughout the coming week!  Get a wrangle on your appetite, both now and in the future by making your own batch!  Check out how it is done!

I started by grabbing a bag of ckn thighs & drummies, as well as
a set of Alas de Pavo (Turkey wings!) out of the coldbox.

The turkey wings I'd hacked off of the bird
 that we deep fried @ BFC a few weeks ago!
If you deep fry the wings on the turkey,
they will be rather over-done by the time the rest is cooked!
I set them aside for use in just this type of situation.

Defrost them only long enough to get them pulled apart!

The 2 wings and drummettes from the turkey are on top.

Underneath the turkey lurks approximately 2 lbs of dark meat chicken!

Why are we still screwing around takin' pictures?! 
Get to it!

Yeap, this stuff!
That's a sazon seasoning from Rocky's Nut Co.
located down in the D!

Get yer garlic nekkid!

Toss it all in!

Almost forgot the cebolla!

No clothes in this hot tub!

Fire 'em in there!

Everything set?! Great!

Now add in 60± oz of the chicken stock we made at ChickenFest,
or just water if you don't have any left!

Damn! I forgot to throw in a few bay leaves!

Ready, set...
... you did preheat the oven right?!

Let the love happen!

An hour later!

Everything floats to the top, so give it a stir!

Now, throw it back in the oven!

Have a look at that!

Here's a shot of the soup after 4+ hrs of slow cooking!

One more pic, why not?!
Time to fish out the chunks of chicken!

Like so!

Sexy close-up!

Grab your mixer!

I use Half&Half to keep the guilt level lower
than it would be if I used heavy cream!
You can do whatever you want!

Nearly an entire 8oz can of cheese & just
 the right amount of Half&Half and this soup is starting to look good!

Hmm, needs something!

Pepper! Fresh ground pepper!

Sure, you could hack up fresh vegetables by hand,
but I don't have time for that crappola at the moment!

Fire it into a pyrex dish ẅ a bit of butter and a splash of water!
4 mins (or so) in the nuker!

Meanwhile, add moar pepper!!
Crushed red pepper too!

Yeas, like so!


Next batch!

Normandy blend, why not?!

I try to take the broccoli out of this blend when making soup, 
because I find that it becomes too mushy and stinks up the leftovers!

Much better!
Buter (or equivalent; I actually use Country Crock)
Splash it ẅ some water, then nuke it!

You've gotta keep 'em separated!

Much better!

Into the soup ẅ the veg!

Ding! Right on time!
The Normandy blend is ready!
I actually made yet another batch of this same amount
because I felt that the volume of soup called for more!

YEAH!!  Now we're talkin'!

Look at all the stuff in there!!! 

You did make a lb of noods while you were screwing around ẅ all this, right?

Oh man, I'm starvin'!

Hmm... needs something!

Shit Yeah! sauce!

I like my soup spicy!!

And HOT!

With TONS of noodles!

What better to eat on a freezing cold Sunday in Michigan?!

Seconds?!  Sure, why not!
I made plenty to feed myself all week!
The great part about it is that this soup is fairly guilt-free and very affordable!
I would guess that it cost me less than $10 bucks to make, 
and it will last me most of the week!

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