Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getta Load of My Chain Mail Project!! 02-11-2013

UPDATED!  This stupid project has been CANCELLED! After struggling far too much with these damn rings, I've decided to go in a different direction.

One would think that putting together a ton of keyrings into a piece of chain mail wouldn't be such a difficult undertaking.  Quite to the contrary, I found it quite difficult to assemble to the chain mail because of the awkward way in which these things come together. If you don't thread them on correctly, the whole thing won't lay flat as you see above.  After 45 million attempts to get it right (or maybe more like a dozen), I finally threw in the towel.  It's no wonder people use snap rings instead of regular keyrings to do this!  Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some. 

So, I managed to score some non-functional keychain LED's that were mfr'd incorrectly & I've decided to make a section of chain mail out of the keyrings! Check it out!

Some idiot in Taiwan had no idea how to design a functional LED keychain,
so someone at my work ditched 'em in the trash!
I couldn't stand to see these things end up in a landfill,
so I grabbed 'em to process into their components parts!

10 minutes into the process and things are coming along nicely!

The outsides are a plated steel alloy

Each of them has a nice, bright blue LED in it!

These little buggers had 3 unused LR41 button batteries in them!
I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to repurpose them
before they ended up in a landfill!

They each had a heavy-duty keyring on them too!

The crappy design of these units included a
very small pin to connect the batteries in series.
Needless to say, this design-flaw was probably the reason they didn't work.

Comin' along nicely!

Once I got into the rhythm, these things came apart pretty quick!

I figured out that I could do 20-24 in 10 minutes!

That deceptively small pile contains a lot of LEDs!

With one ring per unit, I ended up with 200 to use for my chain mail!

Ya gotta love Instructables.com!
One quick search yielded an Instructable that had step-by-step
instructions on how to make chain mail!

Getting these damn keyrings to go together properly
was more of a major pain in the ass than I anticipated!

If you thread the keyring on the wrong way,
they don't lay flat as they are in the image above & below!

20 minutes of screwing around with it and I ended up with what you see below!
Another 10 minutes of f@$&ing with it and I ended up
having to take most of it apart because I had it so messed up!
I'll post more pics as I get more done!

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