Friday, February 1, 2013

Deep Fried Extravaganza!! -- 01-31-2013

Each Thursday for the past 18 months or so, I have a get-together at my house referred to as "BFC Night!" during which we congregate to hang out, kick from the keg, and make some grub to munch on!  Last night, we deep fried up a ton of tasty vittles to wash down with our brewskis! Check it out!

I started by whipping up a batch of tots!
Deep fried tater tots hot out of the fryer are incredible!!

 I also made 2 dozen mini corn dogs! 
These little things are awesome ẅ Shit Yeah! sauce!

Byrnes seriously loves himself some deep fried food!
Look at the Neighbs in the background ẅ the Hungry Eyes!
(Check out that link if you don't know what "Hungry Eyes" is/are!)

 Byrnestein surprised all of us by whipping up a hand-battered batch of O-rings!

 These damn things were awesome!
There were very much pro-grade onion rings!

 He also hand-battered some broccoli, which also came out great!
What would go better with them than some piping-hot cheese sticks?!
Ice cold brewskis!!

Don't forget about the chicken wings!
We made these from the wings of the birds from
last year's ChickenFest!  Click here to check out how we did it!
Scroll further down for more gratuitous shots of deep fried food!

 Be carefs, yo!  They're HOT!

 Fries!  We also had a bunch of french fries last night too!
The onion rings really stole the show though!

 Let the frying commence!

 Left to Right:  The Neighbs, Santana Abraxas, and my Uncle-Brother Schertzer!
Just a few of the BFC regulars!

Me: Who's a good boy?!?!  Yeah?
Who wants a treat?! 
Ok, sit!!... Good boy!
Cooper:  <<Om..nom...nom..>> <<moar please!>>

 The giant piles of delectables shown above and below
were both gone in under 5 minutes!
Who needs to go to a dive bar for fried food when you can make it at home yourself?!
Shoot me a note if you are in my neck of the woods and would like to join us at a BFC Night sometime!

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