Monday, February 25, 2013

Chkn Sliders @ BFC!! -- 02-21-2013

The attendance at BFC Night this week was lighter than usual, so we decided to just keep it simple and whip up a small batch of chicken sliders for us to huck on! 

I started by sauteing up a pair of boneless chicken breasts!

These are from the birds I processed myself at ChickenFest 2012 Pt 2!

They aren't quite cooked through yet,...

...but they were ready for a sexy photo shoot!
I snapped a few quick pics, then I tossed 'em back on the heat for a few!

By hacking them up, you'll not only hasten the cooking process...

...but also help to ensure that everything is evenly cooked!

Now we're lookin' good!

I say that's ready!
If you're unsure, just try a piece!
These days, under-cooked chicken ain't gonna kill ya!

Ok! You ladies excited about theses little chicken sammiches, or what?!

Fuck yeah they are!!

Grace Face Killa totally attacked these things!
Obviously, the sliders were a hit!!

There is no excuse for letting your people go hungry,
especially on BFC Night!!
The only thing these sliders needed was a little Shit Yeah! sauce!!! 

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