Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chicken with Rice & Veg!! -- 02-26-2013

Chicken Schlopp?? Sure, Why Not! It's the perfect thing to make when you don't feel like putting forth a lot of effort after a long day at work!

 Grab the shit you're gonna need to whip up this batch of Bachelor Chow!
2 lbs of meat, one batch of carbs, and 4ish cups of veggies!

It's Rice-a-Roni, not rocket science!

Saute it up in a pan until it looks like this, then chuck it in the water you have boiling!

Like so!
Now lid that shit!

Into the pan now go whichever meat you've selected for this batch!

Needs a little water to help it cook quicker!

Just a little oughta do it!

Now crank that heat!

Get a lid on it and go steal a sip from the beer squirter!

Jazz up them veggies a little, then add a weentsy bit of H2O
before tossing in the nukerator for just long enough,
but not too long!

Coming along nicely!

Now flip 'em!

Throw a lid back on 'em and let the love happen!

That rice is just about done!
Stir it, why not!?

The veggies are looking good too!

Cooking chicken breasts whole in a pan can yield some unevenly cooked, tough meat!

So, to mitigate this risk, we'll hack 'em up into reasonable-sized pieces!

Drop the temp and cut the rest of it up into chunks!

Crank the heat back up when they're all cut up,
but don't over-cook them!

Looks like everything is all ready!

In go the veggies!

Followed by the rice!

Stir it up!

Holy crap, I'm starvin'!

Can't wait to dive in!

Must take moar pics!

One more sexy close-up!

Needs some Shit Yeah! sawce!!

Time to stuff my face!
Not bad for less than half-hour start-to-finish!

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