Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chicken Piccata for Super Sunday!! 02-03-2013

Super Bowl Sunday deserves a super awesome dinner, especially because I decided to stay home to GSD! What better than a big-ass bowl of chicken piccata to scarf down with a brewski or two??

The t-loins are the best cut of chicken!
Perfect for just such an occasion!

Chuck 'em into the microwavulator on defrost!

Fettuccini, why not!?

Grab your Batter Pro & Zatarain's!

Spread a little out in the bottom of the Batter Pro, 
then go grab a quick squirt from the keg while the chicken thaws!
It's Super Bowl Sunday, but don't forget 
that Phil Mickelson is running away with the Phoenix Open!

Squoosh them around until they are all separated and mostly thawed!



Single layer on top of the thin layer of Zatarain's!

Now, cover them ẅ more Zatarain's!

Shake & bake!

Another sexy close up!

When you think they've been convinced of their special treament,
flip the Batter Pro and shake the crappola to the bottom!

Don't forget the schmaltz!!

A little goes a long way!
A little no-stick spray wouldn't hurt either!

Give 'em one more good shake!

Into the pan they go!

Quit starin' and throw a lid on it!

Gettin' there!

Sizzle & flip them...

When they are nearly finished,
toss in a generous cup of stock!

Add Vegeta & Lawry's Seasoned Salt as you see fit!

When everything is nice & hot, 
toss in the pasta!

Keep the heat on as you mix things up!

When everything is all mixed up and the love has happened..'ll find it rather hard to resist any longer!

Plate it up!

Another quick shot!

Time to chow down!
Sure, I could have added fresh-steamed broccoli,
a bunch of capers, and a spritz of lemon,
all topped off with freshly-shaven Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese,
but screw that! It's Super Bowl Sunday, damnit!

 Bundle up the rest to make your co-workers jealous!

ALWAYS make more than you need!

One more shot!

This isn't as hard as you might think!
Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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