Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bagel Sangwich!! -- 02-20-2013

Sure, skipping breakfast is easy, but making a bagel sangwich ain't much harder!  Click here to toast up a no-brainer!

Grab your favorite bagel! Mine happens to be blueberry!
No better time than breakfast to
chow down on a buttload of carbs!
Especially if you've just had a George Jetson breakfast
on an empty stomach!
(A handful of vitamins & supplements!)

Get your sword out & get to work!

While it's toasting, go grab your grapefruit and meat!

You weren't planning on eating this without meat, were ya?
Forget that gnarsty cream cheese bullshit!
Just a bunch of empty calories!

See?!  How hard is this?!
Sure, a slice of cheese or half a lb of bacon wouldn't hurt,
but I've gotta get my ass to work!
But still, there's no excuse for skipping breakfast!

Om, nom, nom!

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