Sunday, February 3, 2013

Berebere Chicken Sammiches!! 02-03-2013

Quick! You're starving, it's Sunday, and you've got better shit to do than screw around makin' lunch! Why not make some sammiches and be done with it?!

Who is the dingus that couldn't take a picture in focus?!
Oh, yeah... that would be me! Damnit!

Remember all that chicken that I marinated and stoached for a cold, snowy day??
Well, today I'm going to saute up a berebere seasoned chicken breast!

Whoops!  Forgot to take pics of the chicken cooking!
Once it's done, hack it up and serve it on little yeast rolls from Sam's!

I loaded these up with some Shit Yeah! (sriracha) sauce!!

Very quick, very tasty, very satisfying!
Now, time to get back to getting shit done!

Click on any image to zoom in!

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