Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bagel w a Schmear?! Hell Naw! Needs Meat Instead!! -- 02-13-2013

Why ruin a perfectly good bagel with a big, gnarsty schmear of cream cheese? Why not make it into a bigass chicken sangwich!?  Click here to stuff this in your eyeholes!

Remember, just the other day, when I made Chicken-&-Rice for dinner?!
Well, let's make good use of those leftovers!
Surely, you didn't finish all of this in one sitting, now didja?!

'Course not!
Grab one of these and hack in in half length-wise!
Meanwhile, you should have your bagel on its way to see the wizard
in the toaster oven while you are screwing around with the chicken!

Throw it all together when it is ready!

Could this use bacon?! SURE!
A slice of cheese? Maybe.
Shit Yeah! sauce?!  Definitely!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any of those things to throw on this
because I assembled it at work!

Next time I'll make sure I don't forget to bring the Shit Yeah! with me!

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