Thursday, January 31, 2013

Venison Steak Sliders w Rice-A-Roni!! 01-30-2013

Dinner needn't always be a complicated or overly-fancy to be tasty & satisfying! This quick & simple meal took only 25 min to throw together! Check it out!

Remember a while back when I butchered my first deer?!

Well, now it's time to chow down on some easy-peasy venison steak sliders!

Grab a bag of venison steak from the freezer and chuck 'em in the nuker on defrost
while you get the water for the Rice-A-Roni started!

 Flip them and pull them apart as they defrost.

 Toss them into a frying pan with a little butter when they are no longer frozen solid.

 Get them on the heat to let the love start to happen!

Hit them with a little bit of beef soup stock to make 'em savory!

 Fry them covered on low & slow until they are fairly well-cooked.

 Wild game should be cooked more thoroughly than regular farm-raised meat
because of the animal's potential exposure to pathogens in the wilderness.

 If some steaks are thicker than others,
place the thinner ones on top of the thick ones
 until the thicker ones have reached the done-ness you prefer.
By doing so, you'll keep the thinner ones hot without over-cooking them!

Now, it's just a matter of toasting up some little honey yeast rolls from Sam's!
You've been attending to the rice, right?! Good!

 When it's all done, put it all together and get to chowin' down!
This was a very easy & tasty thing to throw together before
heading out to the local watering hole with my Uncle-brother Schertzer!!

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