Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Venison Mini-Brats!! 01-13-2013

Sundays are for sitting around watchin' football and drinkin' a few brewskis!  The Cuz came over to watch some of the Playoffs with me, so I whipped up some venison mini-brats for us to huck on!

Grab yourself a bag of the mini-brats that we made in a previous post!

I made a TON of sausage out of the scrap meat from the doe that I butchered!
It's pretty damn tasty & goes perfect with beer & f-ball!

A few minutes in a frying pan w/ a little beer to steam them up a bit, 
and they'll go from frozen to ready-to-eat in no time!

When they are cooked through, you're ready to eat!
These were a quick & easy, and tasty thing to munch on during the game!

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